At Ryan’s dam on Memorial day…


Our current read aloud

Little House boxed set

I bought this box set for Maylinda for Christmas because I was tired of waiting for the hold for Little House in the Big Woods that I have at the library…and I’m still waiting for that hold…so we stared reading it yesterday and started filling out the free little house lap-book I found as well…I downloaded the complete set (for all the books) so we’re good to go…I printed and cut out all the components for the first book and glued them into our file folder…we did the first 2 mini books yesterday after we finished chapter 1…It is surprising how much she remembered…there were times during the first chapter I didn’t think she was listening…but she was…


Our Unit studies for the year

KONOS 2013- 2014

9-3 to 9-13 Expeditions

9-16 to 9-27 Industrial Revolution :Field Trip to Car Museum

9-30 to 10-11 Body/ Appetites

10-14 to 10-25 Atomic Research

10-28 to 11-8 Southern States

11-11 to 11-22 Civil War: People

Thanksgiving week off Nov. 25th to 29th

1-6 to 1-17 Civil War: Battles

1-20 to 1-31 Australia (Independence Day 1-26)

2-3 to 2-14 Books

2-17 to 2- 28 Electricity/Magnetism

3-3 to 3- 14 Business /Advertising

3-17 to 3-28 Speech

3-31 to 4-11 Play OR Family&Church/Community Service Needs

Easter week off April 14th to 18th . Easter: April 20th

4-21 to 5-2 Birding (Benton Lake)
& General Resourcefulness

5-5 to 5-16 Energy: Field Trip to Ryan Dam

5-19 to 5-30 Beach Party/Oceans

Almost all of these units come from volume 3 of KONOS but Australia is from volume 2 and birds is from volume 1.